Helping the Blind Cross Finish Lines!
Venetta Davis
Ms. Davis is doing great things as a full time student at East Los Angeles College, in which she is specializing in the Chemical Dependency Program. It has a lot of psychology classes and focuses on drug abuse and addiction and how it applies to the chemical make up in people differently. After completing the program, she plans to go into ministry oriented organizations by engaging in some Non Profit Organizations and Internships. She is also a student at the Braille Institute of Orange County and volunteers at a senior convalescent home weekly. Davis heard about BLINDSTART through other members, Dominick Martin and Teresa Vasquez, when they were students in Junior Blind of America. A truly dedicated member of the Dragon Boat Races, Ms. Davis loves the breathtaking sport and talks about races all the time. She states, "The excitement level among the team was really inspiring." She eagerly anticipates additional dragon boat practices and hopes they will be as exciting as they have been in the past. Most Memorable Moment: Made a new friend, Vanita Woodsen, at a BLINDSTART event while Woodsen was actually there to support another VIP, Durrell Johnson.