Helping the Blind Cross Finish Lines!
Trevor King
Trevor King
Trevor F. King, is three years old. He was born with detached retinas (congenital bilateral retina) so Trevor has been blind since his birth. He has had several surgeries in an attempt to reattach his retinas but the surgeries were unsuccessful. He now wears prosthetics in both of his eyes.

Despite his inability to see, there is nothing that Trevor won't try to do. In that respect, he is just like any other three year old, including having a temper tantrum or two when he doesn't get his way! Trevor goes to preschool at Bemis Elementary School in Rialto, California, along with other children who have various disabilities. Trevor is learning to ride the school bus and uses his cane like a professional! He can get his lunch bag and begin eating his lunch all on his own!

Team Trevor's motto is "I see with my hands". Trevor and his whole team are looking forward to joining the Blind Start of America in the upcoming Mud Run on June 22, 2013!