Helping the Blind Cross Finish Lines!
Joel Centeno
Joel Centeno
Blind Runner Joel Centeno's vision has slowly been degrading over the years, but that hasn't kept him from athletic endeavors. Recent accomplishments include the Long Beach Marathon and the Tough Mudder which he ran assisted by his cousin, Anthony. Not just a mud run, challenges included carrying a log on your shoulders.

For the last three years Joel has represented BLINDSTART in the Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival and is now joining the year round team for more intense paddling. More recently he led the BLINDSTART Team in two Spartan Sprints which involves challenges like climbing uphill under barbed wire, hauling 80 pounds of sand and jumping over fire.

Joel met Brian Tom (Founder and CEO of Blind Start of America) while working with Southern California Rehab Services (SCRS). He was promoted to benefits and worked with them for over 10 years! His job was eliminated during the economic down turn, so Joel has returned to college to train for his next career.