Helping the Blind Cross Finish Lines!
Elizabeth Pezone
On November 6th 2013, one of our outstanding VIPs (Visually Impaired Persons) Elizabeth Pezone received the "EYE" Scholarship from Blind Start of America in the amount of $500. The scholarship money was raised by donations from YOU and other members of the community and the BLINDSTART organization.

Elizabeth Pezone (Liz) is a hardworking individual who is continuously striving for a higher education. She has already achieved so much by obtaining an A.A degree in Special Education and Early Childhood. Pezone's dreams of working with children were deferred when her sight worsened, causing her now to use a cane, making it difficult to work with young children.

Now has to change fields or career paths. This creates a problem because the Department of Rehabilitation does not help with a job search and does not pay for college classes that relate to looking for a new career path. That's where the scholarship money from BLINDSTART will come in handy.

Loss of sight has not stopped Liz in keeping active. This past year she gathered friends and family for our Blind Mud Run Challenge where she participated in the monthly training. Each training featured a different physical challenge in preparation for the run this past June. Liz trained for the Long Beach Dragon Boat Races that she had participated in over the last few years and attended our Spartan Race training this past Saturday.
Giving back is part of the Blind Mud Run Challenge. Liz's team " Heart and Soil" raised o $2432 for the Blind and Visually Impaired using the fundraising website which made it easy for people from all over the United States to contribute to the cause.

Donations are still NEEDED to reach our goal of three more scholarships by the end of 2013. Please make a difference in the life of a blind person by visiting our website and clicking the donate button in the top right corner. Thank you!

Durrell became legally blind from the disease glaucoma. Upon the discovery his doctors were very helpful. He was able to adjust by going to a program within Junior Blind of America, called the Davidson Program for Independence (DPI) (Davidson Living Skills Program). This program taught him Braille and various other independent living skills. This only made Durrell stronger for not only himself, but his children as well. In his free time he enjoys skateboarding, bowling, surfing, and hanging out with his kids. Another hobby is talking on Amateur (Ham) radio.

Some advice he would give to a newly visually impaired person is to "Stop crying and feeling sorry for yourself because it's not going to get you anywhere."